Top 10 Spring Flowers For Gardening

Spring is probably the best time of the year for many things to take place. Moreover, animals awake from hibernation; trees start showing leaves, and flowers start blooming. Everything begins coming together like a refreshed start with longer days, more sunlight, and flowers start to show their wonderful colors with aromatic fragrances. With all that being true, let us now look at our top ten spring flowers for gardening, and hopefully, this will give you some new ideas on what to grow this spring.

First in our top ten list of spring flowers is the primrose, which is a hardy perennial and comes in several colors such as blue, white, yellow, pink and even purple. This plant does require full sun in the spring, but during the hotter months could do well with some shade and slightly cooler temperature. The primrose does great in soil that is compost rich, and you can divide and transplant these as soon as they are finished blooming. Moreover, you can begin to plant them in the early spring.

Second in our top ten list of spring flowers is the Blanket Flower, whose scientific name is Gaillardia, which loves hot, sunny gardens, and has a daisy-like an appearance with very vivid colors. A wonderful perennial that is long-lasting and will even bloom into the fall, although the soil needs to be well-drained, and they must have a moderate watering throughout the season. Having said that, the flower grows up to a beautiful 3-inch wide head in full bloom with vivid colors. Furthermore, these fantastic flowers will bloom in the first year of planting the seeds.

Third in our list is the African Violet, which is very easy to grow, but generally works well as a potted plant because it prefers temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees. Additionally, It is a good decking or patio plant that can easily be brought inside if the weather turns a little cooler, and it does need plenty of indirect sunlight, not in the full sun, though. The flowering florets on this beautiful plant come in white, red, lavender, deep blue, and more colors and is a sturdy plant. Nonetheless, just make sure you re-pot as they grow in size.

Daffodils are our fourth choice due to the fact they are very hardy plants too and are easy to grow. Now, while they also tolerate many different soil types, and because they are bulbs, they can come back year after year. Generally associated with the color yellow, these flowers do come in pink, and white as well, which can help to brighten any garden. Plant these in clusters for maximum effect, usually in clusters of 8, or more and you should plant the bulbs in the fall, so they start showing soon after the last frost.

We couldn’t have daffodils without having tulips, which is our fifth choice for spring flowers. Tulips also go, so well with Daffodils and make a great mix for all types of gardens alike. That said, they come in almost every color of the rainbow, are easy to grow, and very hardy, which helps to make them an excellent cutting flower. Equally as important to mention is that they are low maintenance, as well. However, just make sure you plant bulbs around 6 to 8 inches for the tall varieties.

Our sixth choice for spring flowers for gardening is Russian sage, which is more suitable for larger backyards as they grow to about 5 feet and around 3 feet wide. If these are planted towards the back of the garden, and given plenty of room, they will show with a mass of blue colors. In addition, they can create a wonderful backdrop for another foreground smaller flowers effortlessly if you so desire. Russian sage also does well in the full sun, but can also thrive in lightly shaded areas too, but needs good drainage.

Seventh in our top ten list of spring flowers for gardening is the Crocus, as this flower makes for great borders around lawns or pathways. In addition, they come in a variety of colors, in which to pick from like blue, yellow, purple and even striped. This is another very hardy plant, and is one of the first to show in the spring, in fact; you can sometimes see them popping up through the last snowfall. These do like well-drained soil, and direct sunlight, or can handle light shade.

Eighth on our list is a flower that actually likes the shade, which is a plant called Active, although it can survive in the full sun if constantly watered, it is best used in shady moist areas. Ideal for backdrops among rockeries showing feathery type flowers of pink, white, lavender, or red making a dreary damp spot come to life. The fern-like blooms shows in late spring, or early summer for about a month and grows between 3 and 4 feet tall.

Ninth on our top ten list of spring flowers for gardening is the Dahlia, and there are many varieties of this very colorful flower, which looks great in any garden, large or small. These can be grown from tubers, which needs to be put in the ground when it’s around 60 degrees, probably around the end of April to May, depending on your area. The easier method is to grow from seeds where you would precisely sprinkle the seeds over the soil and then cover with just a light raking of top soil, watering them carefully afterward.

Number ten on our list is the purple coneflower, which is, in fact, a type of prairie wildflower, but looks quite exotic in any garden. This is a wonderful flower that actually blooms all through the summer, and can withstand hot sun and even drought conditions without any issues. This is a 30-inch tall plant that does well towards the back against a fence, or rock garden, or in the middle of the bed with smaller flowers at the front.

We know that when spring comes around some of us just want to get out there and plant lots of flowers and make our garden look really beautiful during the summer months. With thousands of flowers to choose from, we hope our top ten spring flowers for the gardening list has given you some extra ideas, which can hopefully spark you now to become more creative, to develop your own top ten list of spring flowers. Nevertheless, while many of these flowers are easy to grow with low maintenance, just remember to have plenty of good drainage in the soil, so these flowers can give you maximum pleasure throughout the summer months.